Happy Birthday!

Here is Joseph, his father Keith, and Grandpa Pings enjoying the birthday celebration! Joseph made 3 leche cake with a dusting of cinnamon!


Voyage from Marco Aslan on Vimeo.

A calm way to start a calm morning...

Katie Mullen's

What makes Katie Mullen's unique is that it remains under the guidance and remit of Paul Maye and Tom Cronin who operate 4 bars in the North West of Ireland, thus ensuring an Irish feel. With accolades such as Irish Pub of Distinction awards for their existing bars, promises to bring quality dining and great enterainment to the 16th Street Mall.

Katie Mullen's is our new (favorite) pub just down the street from our little flat. Joseph and I have gone there two weekends in a row now, both times receiving amazing service! Even during their crazy busy happy hour we have never waited longer than 15 minutes to get a seat!

You know how food is usually terrible at Irish pubs? Katie Mullen's food is classic pub food good enough to impress Gordon Ramsay. I think you have to judge a place by how well they do fish & chips! They even have their own brew made locally in Colorado! It is my new favorite after work beverage.

I hope to stop in after the St. Patrick's Day parade this March 14th for a nice chilly drink and some good Irish music. Maybe I'll do a little bit of dancing with good friends Emily, Karen, Anne, and Kris, my Irish dancing girls!

Earache Vienn

little Vienn is a little under the weather. joseph and i have been putting medicine in her ear and an antibiotic with a strawberry to chase it down!

Thinking of Home...

Apple, Stacey, Pammy
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While Joseph watches the UC Bearcats game on TV I cannot help but think of being home soon! Here I am with Apple (grandma) and Pammy at our favorite restaurant in Cincy, Montgomery Inn (and yes, I do believe they have the best BBQ sauce in the world)!