Another Week

This week was a busy one! I'm a little mentally tired from learned two
different jobs all at once, but they are two nice places to work. As
this Monday starts off the new week I'm going to try my best to keep
walking and dancing every morning to prepare for the feis in
September. Here is a picture of the place where I walk! Have a great

Paper Bird

Lovely way to use paper - Paper Bird's None of the Above

"There are at least two artists sharing this name.

Paper Bird is Anna Kohlweis from Vienna, Austria.

Paper Bird is an indie folk band from Denver, Colorado.

Anna Kohlweis was born in 1984 and lives in Vienna, Austria. She has been making music under that name since 2005. Her debut album Peninsula was released on Vienna-based label Seayou Records in early 2006. Two years later, in February 2008, Seayou released the the follow-up cryptozoology, highly acclaimed by the music press for its intimate approach and complex lyrics. Paper Bird is a purely one-woman-band working within her self-set concepts."

Dye Cutting

Did I mention I love dye cuts? So does Joseph now - he helped me cut out Eiffel Towers and Big Bens at Archiver's! I wish I had this in my room at work!

I'm ready for class Monday!

New at The Crew

Starting Friday, yours truly will be gainfully employed at J.Crew! Did someone say discount?

Cozy Retreat

All these cool evenings we've been having lately makes me want to draw a warm bath. To soak with a good book for hours... ahh... comforting thought.

We have a claw foot tub in our bathroom, but nothing like this beauty from Houzz...

And maybe during my soak I could glance out a window... with a French view like this one from Stephmodo... charming little windows, don't you think?
P.S. Stephmodo's blog is a blast to read. Her family is restoring and renovating an old French cottage. They are showing all the improvements step by step. She also takes snapshots of local markets and little treasures she finds along the way. Enjoy!

New Classroom




My first grade student named her lion Lulu

Sneak Peak Wedding Photos

These are unedited images, but still I thought it would be fun to take a quick look at our wedding photos! Although I haven't posted his yet, Jon had some great money shots! I will post more later this week. That's Jon and me at the top!

Breakfast Time!

From M+E via Nesting

I just finished my healthy bowl of oatmeal, but I would much rather have a red plate special including some eggs, bacon, potatoes, and toast! I could also use a spot of pancakes :) Joseph just dies for a breakfast burrito from Illegal Pete's! YUM!

Rabbits On My Mind {and in my home}

I've been vacuuming the rugs and brushing the rabbits like crazy - this heat is making the buns shed all their fur. I'm really ready for fall and winter. Summer - goodbye please!

Currently Being Entertained By...

I'm currently obsessed with Swan Lake. Enough said {I heart Destroyer}!
"An Indie rock supergroup with ties to Destroyer, the New Pornographers, Sunset Rubdown, Frog Eyes, and Wolf Parade, Swan Lake formed in 2005 around the shared talents of Dan Bejar, Spencer Krug, and Carey Mercer."

Thanks Anne for the endless supply of The Vicar of Dibley! I'm watching the Christmas Special now! (Christmas can never come too early, right?)

Bloesem Kids Projects

A great place to pick up some fun ideas in a snap! It says kids, but I want to do these for myself ;)

When Coffee Goes Crunch

If there's one thing this author hates, it's a secret recipe. Can she sweet-talk her friend into handing over the recipe for her killer Coffee Crunch Bars?

February 2009

THE RECIPE: Coffee Crunch Bars

"You're going to love these cookies!" Leah yelled over the whir of the electric mixer. "But I can't give you the recipe, so don't ask. It's a secret."

Joseph (and I helped by watching him) made these over the weekend at the parents' house! A brisk little treat to go with morning coffee or even some Nutcracker Sweet Tea!

A Wee Bit of Ooh La La

Prize Ribbons

These are like the glammed out version of the prize ribbons I made of paper a while back! I LOVE these little tokens from Small Stump + Studio Choo.

First Day of Classes!

I met some of my students today during our first day back at school! They were super cute in their new dresses and shoes. My second graders were the star students - very well behaved and answering every question with panache!

We learned about lions, worked in groups to solve some lion riddles, played lion games, and created our own lions (Mine was named Ellie)! The activities and riddles come from Martha Stewart Kids Magazine.

This week I'll be doing the same thing will all my students until we have reached the beginning of our normal rotation, in which I will see the same group of students three days in a row, with a gap of time between their next rotation (about 9 days or so). I have about 300 students, the same as my previous years.

Since I was hired late in the summer, I have no supplies and I am awaiting the go-ahead to put in my order! So if you have any ideas that doesn't require a lot of materials, send them my way!

My future lessons will include Peter and the Wolf, The Red Balloon, Peter Rabbit, Swan Lake, Rome, Greece, and many many more fun things!

Back to School

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of posts this past week or so. I have been busy getting ready for the big back to school day next Monday!

I am teaching at an elementary school, part-time, {grades 1-3} in a very large, but brilliant district. It is not far from the house, tucked away in a quaint and very cute neighborhood that reminds me of Bree's childhood home. On my way to work I pass beautiful parks, country clubs, stables, and loads of big homes, if that gives you a visual clue...

I have been warmly welcomed by all the art teachers in the district, but especially my new art department ladies! They are so amazing and kind! Plus, it is great to finally be with other art teachers. I'm very lucky this year.

I'll give you an update on my lessons, as soon as I come up with a game plan. Since I was just hired, I figured out what my job requires and the rotation for each class and grade. Wish me luck in these next few days! I have lessons to plan and a room to decorate!

Brooks England

Little did she know how much she wanted a beautiful leather saddle for her rusty bicycle.

After seeing these beauties how could you rest your bottom upon a seat of lesser quality and sub-par leather?

Here is the story:

Over almost a century and a half, Brooks England has grown from a small workshop to a byword in quality craftsmanship. Back in 1865, John Boultbee Brooks left his hometown of Hinckley in Leicestershire with just £20 in his pocket.

He headed for Birmingham, where in 1866 he established a business in horse harnesses and general leather goods in Great Charles Street under the name JB Brooks & Co.In 1878, the unfortunate death of Mr Brooks’ horse led to a stroke of inspiration. Unable to afford another horse, he borrowed a bicycle in order to commute to work. But he found the seat so uncomfortable that he vowed to do something about it. On 28 October 1882, Mr Brooks filed his first saddle patent.

Waddling cyclists everywhere threw their hats in the air and the new product was a roaring success. The company became known and respected for its beautiful leather handcrafted saddles, and soon started to make cycle and motorcycle bags and other accessories.

Ear Euphoria; Currently Listening to...

The Sound of The Smiths

Kate Spade Fall '09

Je t'aime fall... and Kate Spade... I'd love to have these arrive in my mail box on an Autumn Sunday afternoon...

Pizza Saturday

More homemade pizza, yum!

Zakka Sewing

I know I mentioned this last Christmas, but I REALLY REALLY want to own Zakka Sewing, then make everything in it! Apartment Therapy agrees with me too.

Pierre Smeets and Damien Aresta

iQ font - When driving becomes writing / Full making of from wireless on Vimeo.

"More information about the project on Pierre and Damien’s web site, More images on Flickr. You can download the free iQ font from Toyota."

Mad Men Vanity Fair (I Wish I Still Had Cable)

Don and Betty’s Paradise Lost

Entering its third season on a fresh wave of Emmy nominations, AMC’s Mad Men is the most stylish—and perhaps best—show on television. Inside its meticulous reconstruction of the precipice that was New York advertising circa 1960, where the men and women of Sterling Cooper smoke, drink, love, and lie, the author learns about the struggle of Mad Men creator (and former Sopranos writer) Matthew Weiner, the casting of Jon Hamm and January Jones as Don and Betty Draper, and the obsession that fuels each episode. Photographs by Annie Leibovitz.

By Bruce Handy September 2009

Hamm “has this wonderful sadness and lost quality in his eyes,” said director Alan Taylor. “It’s a rare quality for a strapping leading man.”

And I say... Jon Hamm can look into my eyes any day...

Mancouch, This is Real

Blog Post from Mancouch:

Emma Watson vs. Natalie Portman: The Search For A New Mancouch Obsession Tournament

Welcome to the second match up in Round 1 of The Search for a New Mancouch Obsession Tournament. In the first match up we saw (16) Vanessa Minnillo take on front runner (1) Scarlett Johansson .... and get her ass handed to her. Scarlett Johansson won 45 to 10 and has advanced to the next round where she will face the winner of the battle between the 8th and 9th seeds.

Now, on to today's match up. Today we have the People's Choice Candidate (2) Emma Watson vs. (15) Natalie Portman. It's Hogwarts vs. Naboo! Brown vs. Harvard! Let's take a closer look at our competitors:

(2) Emma Watson already won the opportunity to be the People's Choice Candidate and is famous for her role in the Harry Potter movies. She was born in France, but went to academies throughout England before currently enrolling in Brown University.

(15) Natalie Portman is famous for her role in the Star Wars prequels, V for Vendetta, Closer and tons of other movies. She was born in Israel, but early on relocated to Syosset, New York (the town next to mine) where she was brought up before attending Harvard (during which she took a hiatus from acting other than the Star Wars prequels).

By all accounts, both young women are known to be incredibly intelligent and classy. But which is more worthy to be the New Mancouch Obsession?

{Finally} The Fantastic Mr. Fox

I've been waiting about 5 years for Wes Anderson's project to reach completion! I can't wait for the fall! I'm sure The Rushmore Academy is very happy about it too! Anyway, here is the trailer - enjoy and I'll see you at the theater!

Look at this cast list: {I love Mario Batali is the voice of the rabbit!}

Meryl Streep ... Mrs. Fox (voice)

Michael Gambon ... Franklin Bean

George Clooney ... Mr. Fox (voice)

Jason Schwartzman ... Ash (voice)

Owen Wilson ... Coach Skip (voice)

Bill Murray ... Badger (voice)

Wes Anderson ... Weasel (voice)

Willem Dafoe ... Rat (voice)
Helen McCrory ... Mrs. Bean

Anjelica Huston

Brian Cox ... Boggis

Adrien Brody ... Rickity

Roman Coppola ... Squirrel (voice)
Garth Jennings ... Beans Son
Jarvis Cocker ... Petey (voice)
Wallace Wolodarsky ... Kylie
Mario Batali ... Rabbit (voice)
Hugo Guinness ... Bunce
Eric Chase Anderson ... Kristofferson
James Hamilton ... Mole (voice)
Jeremy Dawson ... Beaver's Son
Steven M. Rales ... Beaver (voice)