First Day of Classes!

I met some of my students today during our first day back at school! They were super cute in their new dresses and shoes. My second graders were the star students - very well behaved and answering every question with panache!

We learned about lions, worked in groups to solve some lion riddles, played lion games, and created our own lions (Mine was named Ellie)! The activities and riddles come from Martha Stewart Kids Magazine.

This week I'll be doing the same thing will all my students until we have reached the beginning of our normal rotation, in which I will see the same group of students three days in a row, with a gap of time between their next rotation (about 9 days or so). I have about 300 students, the same as my previous years.

Since I was hired late in the summer, I have no supplies and I am awaiting the go-ahead to put in my order! So if you have any ideas that doesn't require a lot of materials, send them my way!

My future lessons will include Peter and the Wolf, The Red Balloon, Peter Rabbit, Swan Lake, Rome, Greece, and many many more fun things!

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