Back to School

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of posts this past week or so. I have been busy getting ready for the big back to school day next Monday!

I am teaching at an elementary school, part-time, {grades 1-3} in a very large, but brilliant district. It is not far from the house, tucked away in a quaint and very cute neighborhood that reminds me of Bree's childhood home. On my way to work I pass beautiful parks, country clubs, stables, and loads of big homes, if that gives you a visual clue...

I have been warmly welcomed by all the art teachers in the district, but especially my new art department ladies! They are so amazing and kind! Plus, it is great to finally be with other art teachers. I'm very lucky this year.

I'll give you an update on my lessons, as soon as I come up with a game plan. Since I was just hired, I figured out what my job requires and the rotation for each class and grade. Wish me luck in these next few days! I have lessons to plan and a room to decorate!


  1. I've never met an art teacher who did not LOVE his or her job. Glad to see you are one too!

  2. What an exciting time...enjoy the new gig!