S'more of What

Joseph and I could be camping this weekend, but so far Mother Nature is thinking otherwise.
SNOW? Really?
I am already planning out how I'm going to spend my summer days reading on my blanket at Wash Park and becoming a "lady who lunches", as Bree would say.

But I digress. I would like to go camping, and I'm going to watch the forecast carefully tonight and tomorrow.

Lost & Found; Mix Tapes

Tonight I came across an old(er) mix tape and it made me happy. Entitled "music" it kept us company on the drive home tonight.

Recently I uncovered old tapes that I had made with Bree and Sarah, or when I was going through my apathetic years of high school.

I enjoy these things in life - they are like long-lost treasures! Loads of good (and sometime not so good) memories.

Just to name a few on the tracks...
  1. I Better Be Quiet Now ELLIOTT SMITH
  2. In My Place COLDPLAY
  3. Get Me Away From Here I'm Dying BELLE & SEBASTIAN
  4. Men Senara BEBE
  6. Spitting Games SNOW PATROL
  7. Processed Beats KASABIAN
  8. Coutances DICK ANNEGARN

Ringy Dingy

Elephant Cloud
Someone is calling! Kari and Emily (along with mother and father) talked to me last night on Skype! What a great Monday!

Upon arriving home from work I immediately jumped into my Patagonia yoga pants (now Irish Dancing), turned on Rushmore, ate a snack, and talked to the fam on Skype. Joseph made "breakfast for dinner" our wonderful waffles and eggs, then back to the couch for a little R&R.

R&R Rx = Gossip Girl, How I Met Your Mother, Dhani Tackles the Globe, salsa & chips, COUCH!

I Feel Alone You Without

I really really really miss you, my dear old blog...

I didn't think I'd miss it this much. I thought it would be good to detach myself - start fresh - reinvent. I feel like I've lost my journal including all my cataloged thoughts and personal memories. All those little treasures, lost forever! Someone in Hong Kong bought the site because it had high Google status. Blerg.

I really loved Neuf Francs, formally Hearth & Salamander. I'll build up again, but it won't ever be the same :(

Where's My Pimm's Cup Joseph?

Isn't it time for Pimm's after work drink to unwind myself?
Half empty or half full? Hmm...

What is a Print?

Check out MOMA's printing tutorial!

Brad Pitt French Inspired Softbank Commercial

Talented Mr. Ripley

Talented Mr. Ripley
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Denver Barbarians RFC

Denver Barbarians RFC
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Denver Barbarians Rugby Football Club
My co-worker Paul Hoskins is the Barbos team president! He invited me to watch their match at Dick's Sporting Goods Park (where the Rapids play). Their afternoon match was against the number one team from California. They played hard, but in the end lost by one point. They were ahead most of the game!

My first Rugby match!

My first Rugby match!
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Weekly Saturday letter to Cody!

Postal Service Makes My Saturday

The postal service finally delivered my shirt! I'm wearing it all weekend!

I made this shirt using Wordle, then printing it on an American Apparel shirt using Zazzle (another great site is Cafe Press).

I'd like to make them for the ladies 8-hand team!

Thanks Joseph for your help :)

We Love Typography

I get lost for hours... We Love Typography

Applebee's Hot Wings = Love

Will you see this with me? XOXO!

Electric Lime, Mango Tango, Jazzberry Jam*

I NEED color in my wardrobe! I'll be on the lookout for sales at J.Crew so I can spruce up my look for spring. *Crayola colors
Kind of cute - reminder of Mother's Day fast approaching! I could see Jackson doing this for Maggie one day...

The World is My Oyster

Every morning I open at my favorite iPhone App, WorldView. I have added several favorites from all over the world, including Cincinnati, Paris, Frankfurt, Italy, Matterhorn, Edinburgh, Brisbane, Maine, Chicago, Dublin, Spain, Prague, England, and of course The Ohio State University in C-Bus.
I simply love watching the cities change from morning to evening, from weekday to weekend, season to season. On the weekends Frankfurt has come cute markets, and Easter weekend the Vatican was crazy busy!!! Edinburgh has been building a special scaffolding, which I've been watching for about a month now, I think it might be for the big military show, Tattoo.
I'm also very fascinated by watching London traffic - go figure. I've found a large number of webcams on this website.
My all-time fav is watching the Stork, who lives on top of a brewery chimney in Bad Waldsee, Germany. Sometimes it is standing, sitting, sleeping, or not there. There is an entire website devoted to the Stork, and a large fan-base following it's every move. You can see for yourself here! If you need to translate it, you can go to Google Translate and copy/paste the URL for English website.
If you notice yourself developing an obsession for live feed of the World, like me, you can start with this website, Webcams Travel.

Happy Friday

Happy Friday
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Laduree Macaroons

I have this image (along with several Laduree sweets) on my desktop/screen saver at work. I get a lot of comments from my students that I taunt them with images of yummy things just before lunch.

Le Louvre

Le Louvre
Originally uploaded by DolceDanielle
Okay I'm just a little envious.

You are What you Flickr

tomato compote
Originally uploaded by aixxx
A meal a day with aixxx on Flickr. Beautiful photos. And by the way, I'm feeling good and hungry...

Must Be Spring


Apple of My Eye

This one's for you, Joseph.

4/20 Field Trip

Yes, we went to CU Boulder on the day of all days 4/20! "What is that smell Mrs. Pings?"

Here we are playing hacky sack, reliving Cory's glory hippie college days.
We didn't participate (of course) in the 420 celebrations because we were watching students build levees with engineering majors from CU Boulder. We also went on GPS scavenger hunts around campus. I know a lot about CU Boulder now - thanks Jake (Freshman Engineering Student).

Fast Feet

Look at how happy these two are! That's the way dancing should be... this is Ashley Smith and Scott Doherty. We Love Irish Dancing! has a great write up on Ms. Smith from 2006. Check out the video she has posted of Ashley Smith.

Bon App├ętit!

Thanks for the heads up GGG! I completely forgot about Julia & Julia! I remember seeing previews a while ago - in one ear... Anyway, August 7, 2009.

As a young child I remember watching Julia on PBS and mistook her accent as British ;) I didn't realize she was American! British or Californian - same same. I feel a little nostalgic about it all really. It's something you can't put your finger on - the way something conjures feelings about your past. Memories that are a conglomeration of smells, glimpses of time, tastes, sounds, and colors. It sounds silly to say something as distant as Julia Child makes me think of Grandpa Stacey, but it's just that simple. Grandpa Stacey was like a warm glow from the kitchen, and that's a way I'd like to remember him.

Julia Child's life story is right off the historical fiction shelf. Spy, jet-setter, wife, writer, visionary, innovator, risk-taker, she was all of these things and more. I can't wait for the movie (for all the visual learners out there) so come with me!!! And then maybe we'll make some French pastries with the help of David!

Visit Julia's kitchen via the web at the Smithsonian.

(David's handiwork)

Weekend Wrap Up

One word, TIRED.

Friday was work all day then fundraising gala all night. Sleep.

Saturday wake up early, Breakfast King French toast & coffee, shower, hair, make-up, iron new J.Crew shirt, jump in car, head for Castle Rock, Feile Denver, Starbucks, drinks with friends at pub.

Sunday sleep in, tea, aching back, clean kitchen and bathroom, laundry, upload pictures, family time.

Feile Denver (feis or competition) for HOURS. We drove through a little snow storm which looked like a cloud of darkness then pure white out. Due to the storm, the feis had a delay start, pushing back all start times for competitions. But the delay created another delay, and we ended up sitting around, or in my case standing on concrete with ghillies on for hours. We finially started dancing two hours later.

Needless to say it was not a good feis for me, and I knew it would happen before I even got into my dress. My body was already tired before I stepped on stage. Out of 5 dances I only competed in 3, 8-hand cross reel (1st place), solo reel (3rd place - I almost danced on top of Emily), and slip jig (1st). I ditched my hardshoe dances to releive my sore feet and Joseph of extreme bordom.
I am VERY proud of all our Bennett dancers - my friends placed 1st & 2nd places, moving their steps up or improving their latest scores!!! Emily got 1st and 2nd in every dance!!! GO EMILY! I really missed my usual dancing partner, Anne, but I'm sure her Canadian vacation is treating her well. Although we had a bumpy day and it wasn't at all perfect, I had such a good time with the girls and that's what dancing is all about.

Nietz in the AM

Nietz in the AM
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Foxy & Winston

Lovely handmade cards from Foxy & Winston {via KidsHaus}

Wouldn't you love to give your mother this card for Mother's Day?


A Basque Game

Jai Alai is my new favorite thing to Google.
Poster via Nancy Steinbock

Boston Pompom

Willie wishes it could be him in a pompom hat!

Stop Motion Snapshots

What the F


Frightened By Dayglo and Wigs

Newest pictures from Worlds 2009. If dayglo flower skirts, fake tans, wigs, and little girls wearing too much makeup doesn't scare you, then I don' t know what does...

The other picture from Swoose is of my old dance teacher Mary (far right) at McGing in Cincy, and Sarah (far left) one of my favorite dancers! I miss that studio!

Here is a video from Oireachtas Rince na Cruinne (Worlds) - they are very strict with filming policies so this is pretty rare. It is also the first time World has been held in the US. I'd be pretty pissed if I made it to Oireachtas and they told me I had to go to Philly. Sorry Katie.

Comand C & V

Transferring 9f Tumblr is not a fun job, but somebody's got to do it. Here goes...

Joseph sent me this image of monkey-like tape machines via Flickr.

Pretty accordions from a very desirable accordion maker! I'll keep wishing that someday I'll be able to have one and play it well at a pub or a feis... one day...

I've been looking at a few amazing Irish button accordion players on Youtube and the like and I have to say I am just mesmerized by their songs and how fast their fingers push the buttons! We Irish dancers know most, if not all of the songs so it is nice to watch them play songs for once instead of just dancing to them :)

Baby Needs a New Pair of Capezios

I came across this image while reading one of my favorite blogs. They are pretty lace up dance shoes from Capezio. I think it is funny how they aren't advertised as Irish Dance ghillies, or soft shoes, but we Irish dancers know the truth! Unlike our traditional black ghillies, I like the different color caramel - I think these would be fun to wear at practice. Another truth to be told, I know they would not be as comfortable as my size 3 ghillies with padding and extra ankle support!

Old Riverfront

My childhood memories of going to baseball games downtown.

Mixed Up Files

I love my collection of high school mixtapes! We just found a few while helping the parents move into their new house! It does remind me of being an apathetic high school student with nothing better to do than think about how hard life is (and dream about Jordan Catalano and Ben from Felicity).

Current Mix in the tape player: "Charcoal Pencil", a mix of slow and mostly depressing songs from Smashing Pumpkins and James Iha, Elliott Smith, Radiohead, Pearl Jam, and some quiet Monster Ballads hits like More Than Words. I can't help but think about Bree... finding things to do after class, ways of feeling rebellious, but in actuality being darn good kids...

A tape I play when Joseph is not in the car: Ani Mix, Living in Clip (of sorts). I remember sitting in Sarah's room for HOURS making a series of Ani tapes from her extensive collection. My all-time fav, Fire Door! It is a tough one to choose from, but I'm sure Sarah has her adored songs.

The thing that is killing me - I know I have some tapes in my parents' basement. In a plastic bin somewhere there are tapes from Bree and Sarah, Jeff and Jimmy. I'll find them and hopefully they will continue to run in my car :)

These days I have some favorite mixes on CD from our good pal Patrick (the music know-all) and Bree, the uber cool art history master's student, and Braden - who always sends good mixes in the mail to surprise me!

The Canadians are Coming!

Well not really. We are going up there. I just wanted to say that. The US Olympic Trials are coming to Denver and we are GOING! Check it out here and get envious you can't going! HA!

My first exposure to curling was in Canada (when Joseph and I went on a secret Canadian mission ~ sorry mom and dad) on Canadian TV in Toronto. I was pretty sweet...

Moving on, 2010 Winter Olympics will be held in Vancouver (awesome) and Joseph and I will be envious of the people who get to see the Olympic curling team.

Pretty Things

Hospices Civils de Beaune

images via jg6jav Flickr

Visit the official website here and read about the amazing history of this hospital that is still in use today!

The Royals

Royal Mail Stamps

British Design Classics "from Mini to miniskirt, quintessentially British"

Rainer Spehl

Thanks Joseph for sending me this link... now if only we knew someone who could make this for us...

For the Love of Leica
Pics of the Leica M8 Safari spotted, ogled 8 Comments by Matt Burns on January 17, 2009P


via walnut wallpaper

Jamie Saves the Bacon

Jamie Oliver, like most British chefs, are trying to save traditional means of farming as well as the welfare of farm animals. As many of you know I've been inspired by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's campaign, Chicken Out! and I'm glad to hear other people are inspired as well to ensure the welfare of farm animals. After all, they are giving the ultimate sacrifice so we can eat, shouldn't they have the best life possible?

You can read more about Jamie's efforts at Jamie Saves Our Bacon.

Another brilliant bit that excites me is Jamie Oliver's new magazine!

Jamie Magazine

A Little Sheep

via Little Paper Planes

Mareike Auer


The word that best describes me right now.

Little Paper Planes

I've been uninspired and just waiting for things to happen. I'm waiting for the days to drop from February, waiting for my plane ride home, and waiting for June. I'm in a downward spiral of motivation and as of late all I feel like doing is relaxing with Joseph and the family, playing with N&V, M&R, reading magazines, and playing Wii. Oh and looking at J.Crew catalogs, as usual.

Winterfeis was tremendously fun and we ended up winning a first in our ladies 8-hand cross reel. Yippee! I placed first in my reel and hornpipe, second in slip jig, and 3rd in treble jig. I was a little nervous, but then I realized that I just don't care. I care more about getting my new dress and prancing around in it. READY BY MARCH, I was told, then I couldn't stop smiling the entire night.

I've also been losing myself in Bree's photographs of her recent adventures in Europe - Russia or bust. She looks Euro chic, museum ready, all-knowing and uber cool. Okay, I was just a little envious I didn't get to go with her ;)

Case of the Bla Blas

I haven't really done much this winter. Usually I take photographs, go on day trips, go skiing, have adventures with friends... but this winter things have just been bla.

I finally saw people other than family over the long weekend. It seems that since winter break all our friends have been out of town or sick. I got to enjoy some wine, a classic cheese ball, and a leisurely game of Password circa 1962. I think we lost track of who was winning by glass 3 of wine, but I'm pretty sure we won ;)

I'm still waiting to get a video cord to hook up to our camera, but as soon as that happens I'm going to add some clips of rabbits and Irish dancing to the site (and Youtube). We've got a big competition this Friday (YIKES) in Castle Rock, called Winterfeis. I am very much out of shape and not sure which steps I should dance... hmm.. sounds like I've got a lot of things to think about before Friday. To add stress to that the competition starts at 6 and I get off work at 4. Sounds like it will be crunch time and let's hope it doesn't snow!

I'll Dream of Snow Days

Okay, so we didn't get a snow day. I even had my fingers crossed! I think I am doomed for a life of no snow days as long as I live in Denver. Although the snow would have been really pretty if I didn't have to drive (without snow tires) in the horrific weather. My question to the schools - why risk it? SNOW DAY PEOPLE!

My week is going swimmingly and so far very fast. Tomorrow is already Wednesday! While I'm slowly on the mend, Joseph seems to be falling under the weather again. My antibiotics are kicking in and I'll hopefully be back to normal by the weekend. I haven't seen friends in almost a month! Time for a party...

Joseph and I moved the rabbits out of their old hutches and into smaller floor-level cages. I think it will be easier for Vienn and Nietzsche who are now in their "adult" years. It is tough getting old - the knees go! The rabbits seem to be as happy as ever with spring just around the corner - their busiest time of year. :D

Not much is really new in our lives. We are doing the usual things to get by and it seems like we are always looking forward to the next thing. I've been daydreaming about not only snow days, but traveling back home to see family and friends. We took a glimpse at flight tickets yesterday and will talk about travel plans in the near future. I'll keep you posted if I make any plans!

What are you daydreaming about today?

Pimp That Snack

Giles Coren's Jaffa Quake

Jaffa CakeIt is interesting what people choose to do with their time...

I appreciate the effort put into pimping favorite sugary fatty snacks!

My fav of course is Giles Coren's Jaffa Quake (seen on The F Word)

Here is the real thing, much smaller, called a Jaffa Cake.

Go Bucks!


Joseph and I are watching the OSU game tonight. However, rather unfortunately, I did not manage to make a fresh batch of Buckeyes. Sad day.

Have you met Brutus?

Brutus Buckeye

Shake It!

VW Snowglobe

Images of snow globes! above Flickr and below Flickr

Today was like living in a snow globe! I love days like these because they remind me of two things - 1. skiing and 2. Cincy! You know, grey, clouds, cold, snow...

I went to Irish dance for 3 1/2 hours and you would've thought I'd been dancing for days - I was sooo tired! We have started practicing for the big show in February the Winter Feis in Castlerock at the end of this month. My dress is still not ready, sad :(

Tomorrow Joseph and I are celebrating the end of our winter vacation by having a large Meyer-style breakfast (except the goetta that is to say we're all out yikes)! I've got a rehearsal tomorrow for our ladies 8-hand and then Sunday dinner at the Pings'! Should be a nice Sunday, but the thought of working on Monday does make me a little somber... I've just got to think of it this way. The faster we go back to work, the sooner we'll have our summer vacation! only 90-some working days.

Think happy thoughts!

9f } Flickr is updated!

This is Where We Live

This Is Where We Live from 4th Estate on Vimeo.

Cozy Afternoon



Seaside cabin


I'm wishing I could be wrapped up in a cozy cabin with the fire going, cinnamon & sugar, and falling snow... cozy thoughts for the new year...

Two Fat Ladies

Two Fat Ladies - Trailer - Watch more amazing videos here

Okay I can't transfer anymore... for the rest of the most awesome blog posts ever, visit ye old blogs 9f } neuf francs or old school Hearth & Salamander!