Bon Appétit!

Thanks for the heads up GGG! I completely forgot about Julia & Julia! I remember seeing previews a while ago - in one ear... Anyway, August 7, 2009.

As a young child I remember watching Julia on PBS and mistook her accent as British ;) I didn't realize she was American! British or Californian - same same. I feel a little nostalgic about it all really. It's something you can't put your finger on - the way something conjures feelings about your past. Memories that are a conglomeration of smells, glimpses of time, tastes, sounds, and colors. It sounds silly to say something as distant as Julia Child makes me think of Grandpa Stacey, but it's just that simple. Grandpa Stacey was like a warm glow from the kitchen, and that's a way I'd like to remember him.

Julia Child's life story is right off the historical fiction shelf. Spy, jet-setter, wife, writer, visionary, innovator, risk-taker, she was all of these things and more. I can't wait for the movie (for all the visual learners out there) so come with me!!! And then maybe we'll make some French pastries with the help of David!

Visit Julia's kitchen via the web at the Smithsonian.

(David's handiwork)

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