Weekend Wrap Up

One word, TIRED.

Friday was work all day then fundraising gala all night. Sleep.

Saturday wake up early, Breakfast King French toast & coffee, shower, hair, make-up, iron new J.Crew shirt, jump in car, head for Castle Rock, Feile Denver, Starbucks, drinks with friends at pub.

Sunday sleep in, tea, aching back, clean kitchen and bathroom, laundry, upload pictures, family time.

Feile Denver (feis or competition) for HOURS. We drove through a little snow storm which looked like a cloud of darkness then pure white out. Due to the storm, the feis had a delay start, pushing back all start times for competitions. But the delay created another delay, and we ended up sitting around, or in my case standing on concrete with ghillies on for hours. We finially started dancing two hours later.

Needless to say it was not a good feis for me, and I knew it would happen before I even got into my dress. My body was already tired before I stepped on stage. Out of 5 dances I only competed in 3, 8-hand cross reel (1st place), solo reel (3rd place - I almost danced on top of Emily), and slip jig (1st). I ditched my hardshoe dances to releive my sore feet and Joseph of extreme bordom.
I am VERY proud of all our Bennett dancers - my friends placed 1st & 2nd places, moving their steps up or improving their latest scores!!! Emily got 1st and 2nd in every dance!!! GO EMILY! I really missed my usual dancing partner, Anne, but I'm sure her Canadian vacation is treating her well. Although we had a bumpy day and it wasn't at all perfect, I had such a good time with the girls and that's what dancing is all about.

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