Wedding Weekend; Chapter One

Who thought that weddings could be so exhausting? The Pings family drove to the Roaring Fork area early Saturday morning for Lindsay and Taylor's "backyard" wedding in Woody Creek. You can see the river flowing in the background! After our brief tour around Basalt, we lunched like a local at the Two Rivers Cafe! Great French toast by the way... It turned out to be a beautiful day for celebrating marriage, drinking wine, visiting old Pings' homesteads, and eating yummy cupcakes! We even had some time at the end of the evening to stop in Aspen, drive over Independence Pass, take snapshots of the family, and enjoy fine dining at Wendy's. Despite getting home late after a long day in the car {about 8 hours}, Joseph still managed to have energy to watch Gossip Girl. I slept on the couch.

Tea Time

Mallard Tearooms via Sarah Walsh

If Jaren created a tea company, I think this would be her design concept! Jaren adores colorful fabric patterns. For her wedding she sewed oilcloth centerpieces that were saturated in bold colors that matched her flowers! Very crafty that one :)

As for me, I would just be in charge of drinking the tea on lazy afternoons *sigh*

The Dieline

Apis Honey

Clover Farmstead European-style butter {yum}

Too many new creative ideas in the world of packaging for me to keep up with!

Alice and Wonderland 2.0

via usa today

Emma Watson; Teen Vogue

We've talked about it before. I adore Emma Watson. Here she is with a shorter loose curl look {coincidence} for Teen Vogue.
I'm not a huge Harry Potter fan, but I'm so looking forward to seeing the latest film this summer!

Love on a Wednesday

The Love Shop {via decor8}

Irish Dancing Summer Kickoff!

This is an action shot of my new dress!

Back details

My brilliant friend, Anne, and I after the show

Next up this summer in Denver: Irish Festival July 10-12, CUIS Feis! Mom will be in town to see the girls dance, and she'll finally get to see my new solo dress!

Best of luck Anne!

{Video from the show on Saturday}

Part One, Irish Dancing Saturday June 20, 2009 from Stacey Meyer Pings on Vimeo.

Denver Greek Festival 2009

We love the Greek Festival in Cincinnati, but we carry on this summer tradition at the Greek Orthodox Chruch right here in Denver!

more pictures on Flickr

Ben Watts

Okay, that's it. When are we booking tickets to Europe?
photography Ben Watts

Real Simple Daily Thought (and mine too)

"A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in."
Robert Orben

photography by Ben Watts (more to come!)

Marc's Birthday Breakfast

We helped Marc celebrate his big 3-0 by eating our way through dishes such as "the kitchen sink" and my French toast and bacon - which by the way is THE best French toast I've ever had (seriously). If you want to get the best breakfast in town such as we did - birthday or not - go to DJ's!

FFFFound Finds Friday

I wonder if Michel Gondry sees mountains like this...

No One Wants to Hear This

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J Me

The British cool as a cucumber culinary icon Jamie Oliver has updated his website with a few extra snippets. Included in the revamp are new ways of searching for recipes, similar to iTunes flip-through menu, and this handy seasonal calendar.

There's also a shopping section "J Me" so you can not only be a badass on the grill (like grill master Joe), but you can look damn good too!

Happy cooking and happy days.

Panegyri Greek Festival

These are my photos from last year's panegyri! via Flickr

It is summertime again! Officially the time to drink wine, eat "crumbly bettys", and dance - Greek style! OPA!

Come dance with me Friday night! Give me a call! Admission is only $1!

Check out the Greek Orthodox Church official festival website HERE!
{notice that they used my photograph from last year! It is the picture in the middle of the website}

Whrrl with Me!

My new favorite thing on the web, Whrrl, lets me create up to the minute stories as they happen in real time and post them for you guys to see! You know I love a good documentary and Whrrl keeps it pretty and organized!

My friend Blake, the guy over at Whrrl, helped me tackle my technologically challenged abilities... i.e. I tend to mess up anything I create on the internet! I ran into a problem and saw him on Facebook, where our conversation led him to figure out what I had done wrong. It was so nice of him to help me in my hour of need - late at night, when all things tend to go wrong of course! I am so greatful for all his help!

Now that I am getting the hand of this new bit of technology, I'm going to post my new stories on 9F for you guys to check out. Bear with me while I'm learning - and hey - try it out for yourself! We can all be connected!

Jamie's First Beet at BJ's Pizza

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The Camping Trip That Was {and more}

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Pizza time bro! Cory, Jamie, Jon, Joseph and I head down the mountain after an exhilarating afternoon on Mt. Evens - free-styl'n yo!

Will Jamie Ford the Wild River?

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Joseph the Happy Camper!

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Jamie Makes it with Cory's Help

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