Whrrl with Me!

My new favorite thing on the web, Whrrl, lets me create up to the minute stories as they happen in real time and post them for you guys to see! You know I love a good documentary and Whrrl keeps it pretty and organized!

My friend Blake, the guy over at Whrrl, helped me tackle my technologically challenged abilities... i.e. I tend to mess up anything I create on the internet! I ran into a problem and saw him on Facebook, where our conversation led him to figure out what I had done wrong. It was so nice of him to help me in my hour of need - late at night, when all things tend to go wrong of course! I am so greatful for all his help!

Now that I am getting the hand of this new bit of technology, I'm going to post my new stories on 9F for you guys to check out. Bear with me while I'm learning - and hey - try it out for yourself! We can all be connected!

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