Lost & Found; Mix Tapes

Tonight I came across an old(er) mix tape and it made me happy. Entitled "music" it kept us company on the drive home tonight.

Recently I uncovered old tapes that I had made with Bree and Sarah, or when I was going through my apathetic years of high school.

I enjoy these things in life - they are like long-lost treasures! Loads of good (and sometime not so good) memories.

Just to name a few on the tracks...
  1. I Better Be Quiet Now ELLIOTT SMITH
  2. In My Place COLDPLAY
  3. Get Me Away From Here I'm Dying BELLE & SEBASTIAN
  4. Men Senara BEBE
  6. Spitting Games SNOW PATROL
  7. Processed Beats KASABIAN
  8. Coutances DICK ANNEGARN

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