The World is My Oyster

Every morning I open at my favorite iPhone App, WorldView. I have added several favorites from all over the world, including Cincinnati, Paris, Frankfurt, Italy, Matterhorn, Edinburgh, Brisbane, Maine, Chicago, Dublin, Spain, Prague, England, and of course The Ohio State University in C-Bus.
I simply love watching the cities change from morning to evening, from weekday to weekend, season to season. On the weekends Frankfurt has come cute markets, and Easter weekend the Vatican was crazy busy!!! Edinburgh has been building a special scaffolding, which I've been watching for about a month now, I think it might be for the big military show, Tattoo.
I'm also very fascinated by watching London traffic - go figure. I've found a large number of webcams on this website.
My all-time fav is watching the Stork, who lives on top of a brewery chimney in Bad Waldsee, Germany. Sometimes it is standing, sitting, sleeping, or not there. There is an entire website devoted to the Stork, and a large fan-base following it's every move. You can see for yourself here! If you need to translate it, you can go to Google Translate and copy/paste the URL for English website.
If you notice yourself developing an obsession for live feed of the World, like me, you can start with this website, Webcams Travel.

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