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Emma Watson vs. Natalie Portman: The Search For A New Mancouch Obsession Tournament

Welcome to the second match up in Round 1 of The Search for a New Mancouch Obsession Tournament. In the first match up we saw (16) Vanessa Minnillo take on front runner (1) Scarlett Johansson .... and get her ass handed to her. Scarlett Johansson won 45 to 10 and has advanced to the next round where she will face the winner of the battle between the 8th and 9th seeds.

Now, on to today's match up. Today we have the People's Choice Candidate (2) Emma Watson vs. (15) Natalie Portman. It's Hogwarts vs. Naboo! Brown vs. Harvard! Let's take a closer look at our competitors:

(2) Emma Watson already won the opportunity to be the People's Choice Candidate and is famous for her role in the Harry Potter movies. She was born in France, but went to academies throughout England before currently enrolling in Brown University.

(15) Natalie Portman is famous for her role in the Star Wars prequels, V for Vendetta, Closer and tons of other movies. She was born in Israel, but early on relocated to Syosset, New York (the town next to mine) where she was brought up before attending Harvard (during which she took a hiatus from acting other than the Star Wars prequels).

By all accounts, both young women are known to be incredibly intelligent and classy. But which is more worthy to be the New Mancouch Obsession?

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