Cincinnati Adventures Cont.

Today mom and I visited UC and I found some cute things to bring back home, including my red sweatshirt (seen in pictures)! Mother also ventured downtown with me to the new ball park, Great American Ball Park, where we bought Joseph a Reds hat and me a Reds t-shirt so I'll have something to wear with Jess when we see our teams play the Rockies this summer! (Jess I can't wait!!!)

By the way family and friends - Friday, July 3 @ 7:10 - Reds vs. Cardinals! Anyone and everyone should come with us! I'll be wearing my new Reds shirt, of course!

After doing some other classically Cincinnati things (I'll fill that in later) Pam, Sage, and I picked up Ellie from school and got an ice cream before we did some watercolor paintings at Apple's house. Sage is Kim's new puppy, a King Charles Spaniel in ruby red! Kim also mentioned Cody got fitted for his "dress blues" which is very exciting!!! Congrats Code-monster!!! We really miss him and think of him ALL THE TIME! Thanks for my first letter!

For dinner we hopped down the street to the Blue Ash LaRosa's! I dream of simple things like having dinner with the family and playing with Ellie, catching up on the latest Meyer family news. It was so relaxing and so comforting, not to mention the pizza was delicious!

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