Dress Update!

As many of you know I have been eagerly waiting for my Irish dance solo dress. I ordered it last year before Christmas, which turns out to be a pretty busy time of year due to nationals (Oireachtas), feis around the country, and the holidays. Not to mention our school has shows and preparations for March.
Yesterday after class I finally got to see my dress! It is perfectly constructed and exactly how I designed it! I looked through the J.Crew catalog and picked my colors according to their styles. It is made of a dark paynes grey, a cream color coined oyster, and gold. It has knots and designs taken from the Book of Kells, which I saw during my study abroad in Ireland. The final touches need to be added and the dress pieces have to be assembled, but it is so close to being completed! We are all getting really excited for our shows in March! only 2 weeks to go!

If you didn't know, before I moved to Denver I danced with McGing in Blue Ash. One of my favorite teachers and beautiful dancers, Ellen, is pictured above in the middle! She is teaching and choreographing with a well-know school, Trinity. They are by far the most filmed, photographed, and talked about school in the country! You can even see many of their videos on YouTube.

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