A Drive Through the Hills

Grey rainy day! I haven't seen rain in a long time! Two things I do miss about Ohio - green hills and lots of old trees. We don't really get that in Denver :(  Although the negative side to that is my hair is a gigantic ball of fizziness.

We visited Beth this morning at Starbucks in Mariemont - a favorite place of ours - but it just wasn't the same without Joseph there. I finally bought my own Cincinnati MUG! 

Father and I drove through Indian Hill today and saw all our favorite spots, including 
Peter Frampton's house and the Arboretum. He told me a lot about famous horses, houses, and people, which kept me entertained for a good two hours. After seeing pretty deer and rolling hills we stopped by Montgomery Inn where we talked to just about everyone in the restaurant, including Mrs. G (Ted's wife). She knew my Grandfather Stacey well so it was kind of cool to say hello to her. I told her coming here to eat is home to me! She seemed to agree ;)

Last night Dad and I went on another drive through Glendale in search of Karaoke, but found his friends hanging out on their porch instead. They live in an old 1857 white house that looks like something out of Gettysburg. It is called the Deitrich House and had an historical run-in with some Civil War Morgan's Raiders. I think they stole horses from their stable... which is still there in the back yard. Anyways, we had a drink with them and talked about everything from traveling to Egypt and Maine, local and Denver breweries, to Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. It was a fun and unexpected visit that continued our Cincinnati adventures!

Look through Glendale photographs here!

Dad told me more stories, but to be honest I can't keep up with all of them. It does seem that every corner in Cincy has an interesting story.

Tonight we are having  a little dinner party for good family friends. They have three little girls and hopefully they will keep Ellie company!

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