Freitag at last!

Okay, I don't know how that Coors slipped itself in there! Jamie and I loves ourselves a PBR - the perfect coupling with Friday night pizza! (I am also very fond of Session, which is technically much better than PBR, but don't tell Jamie or Julie)!

This Friday night Joseph and I are hanging out together - watching the OSU basketball game and tracking our brackets. Yes, I am watching basketball (kind of). I'm trying anyway while I blog. Joseph on the other hand is completely hypnotized by the game.

I must pack my flight bag, download the new Coconut Records CD to my iPhone, as well as some episodes of Top Gear and The Royal Tenenbaums film. Something to do during the flight (besides anticipating my arrival in the Midwest).

I am very happy to announce the beginning of Spring break! I am off to Cincy tomorrow morning (yippee) while Jess and Erin are joining some students for the Service Learning trip to New Orleans. Jess is in the top photo on the right.

Safe travels to everyone! I'll post photos from my trip to the Nati ASAP!

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