Jackson Scott Owens

Welcome to the family little Jackson!

Congratulations to the new parents, Maggie & Rob, new grandparents Jude & Larry, and to Great Grandma Apple!

Last night everyone visited Maggie in the hospital and got to hold Jackson. He really does seem perfect and Maggie looks great! Rob was incredibly happy and looked tired but so excited! Rob said Mag hasn't had any sleep in the last few days. We are all hoping she got to rest last night after we left her and Rob. It was a ton of fun seeing everyone so happy! As Emily put it - I think we all have "baby fever"!

Now that Jackson is here, it will be hard to leave without seeing him again until July. I suppose the exciting aspect is knowing how big Jackson will be in 3 months!

I've posted pictures to Flickr for family and friends to see little Jackson.

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