Easter Sunday

What's on the menu?

This morning we ate hot cross buns, eggs, and fresh coffee from our French press. Yum! Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day!

Joseph and I are cooking dinner for the Pings family tonight, sticking to a pretty traditional menu of veggies and dip, ham, asparagus, potatoes, and carrot cake. We did our shopping at Marczyk's just down the street from us. We spoke to the butcher there and he reserved our Niman spiral ham, which is his top pick and the only farm he buys from. They are one of the few companies that are certified for their human husbandry of animals. You can read about their farms on their website.

I miss having a large family around me for major holidays, especially with new baby Jackson showing off his new Easter outfit! I am depending on the family to take pictures for Kari and me!

When we were little Easter was all about dressing up, finding our Easter basket, eating loads of candy, dying eggs, and then finding them in the great Easter egg hunts, and playing at Apple's house. Kari & Emily always shared their flying saucers and the little bunny rabbit Sweet Tarts with me. I remember thinking about how devastating it would be to never get an Easter basket full of white chocalate, Cadbury eggs, and sweets. Now that I'm an adult on my own I have to smile and think back to that time. True, I don't have an Easter basket this year, but I know it will be just as much fun making a basket for little kids, whenever they come... and doing all those traditional things with them. Maggie and Rob will get to experience that with Jackson and I'm so excited for them! What could be better than an Easter basket made by Maggie?! What a lucky little kid...

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