s.pings studio

Joseph and I were busy little bees this weekend. He and I, along with some help from Keith, created our own photography site and business called s.pings studio. It is still very much in the works as they say, and should expect to be roughly finished this week.

WHY? Might you ask... we've played around with the idea for a couple years and decided to make it official just for the fun of it! I seem to take pictures of everything anyway so maybe some events will come our way!

We made some delightful little calling cards from MOO - the same company we ordered for Nate and Amy's wedding cards! They are fun to hand out the old fashion way, social calling cards my dear! Of course mine has to be English! What kind of Anglophile do you take me for?

I'll keep you posted when we make more progress on the website... it has a ways to go but it will be very exciting!

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