B & B

Baseball and beers (and pizza). A perfect Friday night combination!

(By the way) Joseph and I are now regulars at Osteria Marco, every Friday night after work. If you are up for the best pizza and cocktails meet us there - if you have my number - ringy dingy and we'll see you there.

Despite the "Rocktober" weather and rain, Joseph, Patrick, Marc, Erin, Jaren, and I met up for beers at Falling Rock (I sported the Big Ben Brown Ale) then walked down the to ballpark for a night game against Marlins. Most of our friends were already at the game, but we like to be fashionably late, of course, so we showed up around the 4th inning. It was pretty cold by the time we got there. Forget summer-like weather, ball caps, and my new cute Reds t-shirt, everyone including Jess had their fleece baseball blankets!

I didn't really watch the game. I was too caught up in conversations, picture taking, eating the best caramel popcorn from Whole Foods, and sticking things on Cory's head with my accomplice Erin.

As soon as I get to my computer (the rabbits ate my power cord so I'm waiting for my new one from Ebay so I can transfer pictures) I'll upload the pictures from the ballgame!

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