Gestalten ~ Beachlife

I saw the image of Senja, Norway in this coffee table book (via Gestalten) that everyone should have for the season, Beachlife.

If you are looking for hours of entertainment, check out the rest of Gestalten's goodies and get inspired!

"Gestalten specializes in developing content for aficionados of cutting-edge visual culture worldwide.

The company is best known for the more than three hundred books we have published that document and anticipate vital design movements for our own title list as well as customer publishing projects. Gestalten also provides Curation, Art Direction, Consulting, Production, Distribution and Design Services to international clients such as Volkswagen and Diesel.

Always working directly with talented young designers and artists, Gestalten brings a deep understanding of visual culture on a global level to whatever we do and remains firmly committed to presenting visual trends with timeless substance. The company has 40 staff members through offices in Berlin, London, New York and Tokyo."

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