M is for Monday

Considering today is Monday, things have gone swimmingly. Except for loud students (some days they are very quiet) nothing much but the humdrum of the everyday workings.
Joseph did surprise me with a Pimm's that was lovely, but almost put me to sleep.
I'm thinking a lot about traveling to places I can't afford right now, somewhere warm, sunny, quiet, with locals only (and me). Somewhere I can smell the sea and be in my bikini all day and not worry about anything but eating dinner and meeting up with a friend for some fresh fish and a glass of wine. I've found myself day dreaming about escaping to one of these seemingly too perfect ideal places. I would be fabulous to go on this trip with Joseph of course, but how fun would it be to go with Bree, Erin, Jaren, or one of the cousins (Mag, Molly, Kari, Em, Laura, Amy, Lib)?

I don't feel like running away from anything to be honest, but the dream I'm having is so strong that it's hard to escape it. It doesn't help that I'm reading through old T+L Mags, but a girl can always dream, can't she?

I'm VERY proud of our Cody - he passed with flying colors and even won a sharp-shooter award. He comes home after graduation this week - just in time for Mother's Day. On purpose? I doubt it, but very cool.

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