The Rabbit is Next

Jenny stood on her porch. She hugged Bradley, then carefully tucked him inside her jacket. "You'll be better soon," she promised. "We're going to the animal hospital."
Soon the doctor cam out, but she was not wearing her white coat. When she saw Jenny, she looked surprised. "Oh, were you waiting for me?" Ask the doctor. "I thought I had seen all the animals for today."
"Oh please," Jenny said, "the rabbit is next. His ear is hurt." A tear fell on Bradley's fur. "Can you help him?" (The doctor looks at the rabbit to find it is a stuffed animal).
"I always have time for one more sick animal," the doctor said. She sat down in a big chair with Bradley on her lap... she began to sew up Bradley's ear with neat stitches.
"He's as good as new!" said the doctor as she finished.
Jenny held out her arms for Bradley. She hugged him and put her ear close to his face. Jenny smiled a very happy smile. "Bradely says, 'Thank you'!"

My favorite childhood book by Gladys Leithauser and Lois Breitmeyer. I wonder if it influenced me to get a rabbit (or four).

Vienn visits the vet once again. She still has the growth in her ear. The doctor gave her more medicine and we are to check back in a week. He removed a bit of build up from her ear, took her temperature and checked her vitals. She has a temperature and a runny nose and eyes. She just wasn't herself today. After the doctor's visit she seemed to perk up a little, but she still isn't 100%. It made me so upset today to see her uncomfortable. Hopefully the medicine will start to kick in and she will feel more like herself. I'll keep you posted in the weeks to come on her condition.

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