Weekend Come and Go

1. and 2. Jess & Me at Wash Park watching the wedding
3. Joseph and Jess enjoying the weather at Wash Park
4. Irish dancing girls after the show

This weekend seemed to fly by a little faster than usual. I can't even begin to tell you how fast things are winding down now that the end of the school year is in sight!

Friday night Erin, Marc, Joseph and I devoured coal-fire pizza and beers at Marco's, walking down to Larimer Square for tasty gelato to finish full-circle our Italian inspired night of indulgence. If that wasn't enough we met Cory for after dinner drinks at Herb's for some late-night jazz and gin. Yum! The boys caught their second wind, directly causing me to catch mine (although maybe forced) so we had a sports-filled conversation at Charlie Brown's. I feel old saying this now, but I stayed up so late, way past our normal bedtimes ;)

As you can see above, we got up early to dance with Anne, Emily, Mary, and Kris (among our other dancing friends) at a retirement home. The show went by fast and I think everyone enjoyed watching Mary perform her insanely fast feet! I was too busy trying to work my new camera and lens. The pictures aren't the best (I didn't use flash and it was combination lighting), but at least you can get a feel for what keeps me busy and entertained on the weekends!

Our favorite activity as of late (since the weather has been BEAUTIFUL!) is picnicking at Wash Park with friends. Twice this week we've thrown out the blanket, opened a beer or two, snacked on some yummy munchies, and watched people and dogs do their thing at the park. Saturday night we were lucky enough to spy on a wedding! Jess and I were trying our best to catch all the bride's details, while Joseph identified all the local trees using his new iPhone app... or was that Flight Control??? (BTW - Joseph's newest score is 155 - Cory and Marc will be envious)! Cory joined us just in time to discuss exciting wedding topics and a round of Gin Rummy (I won).

Alas, it is Sunday and I'm not quite ready to return to work, but I have the incentive of two weeks and then the hard stuff is over. Break it down to 9 days and I'm even happier! Let's hope for a happy Monday!

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