The Last Week

I didn't know it was possible for time to pass by this quickly. This last week of work with the kids is flying by and I have mixed feelings. I'm of course very happy to finish the year strong and leave the kids with a great foundation in art history and basic artistic skills. I am also happy to almost be done with all this hard work and relax a little. But this is all a little bitter sweet as I'm going to miss my coworkers and this class of 2012.

Considering this is crunch time for everyone, teachers and students, I won't have enough time to blog with great detail. I'm still fiddling with this Blogger site, and to be honest I'm not really happy with it. All these kinks will be ironed out after the weekend when things have come to a close and all the teachers will rejoice, i.e. SUMMER BREAK!

In the posts below you will see just a few pictures from last week when Joseph and I made a trip to the Nature and Science Museum and my group of advisory girls and our year-end party.

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