Pretty Little Weddings

Getting ready... my kind of girl, NY Times, cup of tea with a side of sweets, simple grey & white

You in white, and me in grey go well tonight!

How lovely *sigh*

Joseph and I have kept our weekday nights busy by watching BBC's Don't Tell the Bride and it has me reflecting on our own big day...
modest, humble, lovely

If I had all the money in the world I would still keep it simple with pretty details, but this time around I think I'd like a dress from J.Crew and a photographer from this list:

Randi Brookman Harris (top photo)
Bonnie Tsang (yellow balloons)
Orange Turtle
Rachel McGinn

The colors: Grey, naturally, perhaps a dash of yellow here and there
The attire: J.Crew, pearls, pleats, satin, chiffon & taffeta

{oh my!}

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