This Week at the Library

I have officially overloaded my library holds with titles such as:

The ultimate ice cream book : over 500 ice cream

New england

Gilmore girls. the complete 1st season

The perfect scoop : ice creams, sorbets, granita

Elizabeth and leicester : power, passion, and po

Harry potter and the order of the phoenix

Jamie at home : cook your way to the good life

Quantum of solace


I love you, man

Harry potter and the half-blood prince original

The edge of love

Jamie's food revolution: rediscover how to cook

Gossip girl complete 2nd season (dvd

X-men origins. wolverine

A passion for ice cream : 95 recipes for fabulou

Picnics and tailgates : good food for the great

The complete guide to irish dance


Where the wild things are

Up the bracket

Mona lisa smile

Want one

The libertines

Thumbsucker original score

The wind that shakes the barley

Mamma mia

Little travelers. episode 3, the british isles

Brideshead revisited

The duchess

I dare say I am going outside my usual fare on some of these, but it is summer, and I'm giving it a try. I have already wasted away my summer watching 30Rock, Jeeves and Wooster, Atonement, Harry Potter, listening to various types of new music, and reading books by Bobbi Brown and Roddy Doyle... oh yeah, and our beloved Harry Potter series of course! I'm not one to pretend that I'm an intellectual, as evident in my book (more like movie) list above. I'm not going for complication or bragging rights on "how I read that Pynchon novel this summer" or something of the sorts. I'm going for pure silliness and enjoyment, and I'm just going to have to keep it that way!

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