Earl Grey Infused Gin = Tea Time

Or Gin...
Inspired by an Anglophile's dream cocktail at Beatrice & Woodsley called Tea Thyme, Joseph and I ventured into brewing our own Earl Grey infused gin. It was rather simple ~ use a frugal gin, such as anything that comes in plastic {Gordon's} then put Earl Grey into a French press with the gin - vuola! 1,2,3 now it is tea time! Joseph made simple syrup and rimmed our glasses with lemon sugar. Divine!

Pings's Earl Grey Infused Gin
1 750 ml bottle of gin, or whatever
4 tablespoons loose, Earl Grey tea

  1. Measure Earl Grey tea. Place the loose tea into the bottom/basket of a French/Tea press.
  2. Splishy Splashy! Pour in the gin and place the French press mesh filter in the glass.
  3. Let the Earl Grey steep at room temperature for 2 hours.
  4. Press down on the Frensh press filter or remove tea basket.
  5. Pour your brilliantly infused gin into a beautiful glass for serving at your next party, or anytime for that matter!
  6. Be sure to mix in simple syrup (you can make that with your fav herb if you wish) with a spritz of lemon juice and a sugared rim with zest of lemon!
  7. Happy days!

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