Fall Style

My new favorite picks for the fall season: Dark Aubergine cords, Downtown Field Jacket, and Jeweled Garland Bracelet in butterscotch from J.Crew. If I have to be honest, there are so many more favorites for this fall and it isn't even October yet! Even Joseph has a few favorites he wouldn't mind owning like the tartan collection at the Crew. I have to admit I love a man who can wear tartan :)

My new job has been very enjoyable and I adore the girls I work with. Some days are busy, and others are nice to fold and catch up with everyone while it is nice and peaceful in the store. I'm working a lot this week, but at least it is in a nice environment with good tunes.

I have today and tomorrow to get through then hopefully I will have some less busy days just working at the school. Wednesday we might be able to attend the Reds vs. Rockies game and Thursday I have dance class. I have Friday and Saturday off for the Scottish & Irish Festival in Estes Park! Wish me luck in our competition!!!


  1. I love the earrings that match too!!! I want so many beautiful things *sigh*