Gilmore girls

{Gilmore Girls fun stuff on ABC Family}

To kick off the fall weather I started watching Gilmore gilrs! Granted, I was put on the library waiting list since June for this TV series... and I have NEVER seen this show before (where have I been?)

So far Joseph and I, yes Joseph is even watching Gilmore girls, think it is cute! I love the daughter (I remember her beautiful eyes and hair from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) and how quintessentially East Coast Gg is!

I know a lot of daughters aren't close to their mothers, but most people I know are super close... My mom and I have always been close and that makes me feel great that she raised me to trust her and feel safe around her. She is always the first person I want to call when something in my life happens, for better or worse, and at times I feel like she is a sister, especially when we go shopping or I get really cranky and I take things out on her... which is horrible, I know, but I'm not perfect, and I never took things out on Maggie, Molly, Kari, or Em. This summer was stressful, as you probably know. When I should have talked to mom about my situation, I instead made things worse by keeping it to myself. What I learned from my actions is to always trust in my relationship with mom and talk to her about things in life. After all, we can't always handle things on our own, no matter how stubborn we (I) are, and our mothers will always be there for us with open arms and heart. Thank you moms!
Mom and I, Mt. Evans on a stormy afternoon - Pizza at Beau Jo's!


  1. My favorite show!!
    I am so glad you have discovered are in for seven seasons of delight!

  2. gilmore girls is such a great show. it's too bad it ended... lorelai's hilarious =]