Happy Thursday!

I talked to Emily this morning while eating my oatmeal and watching Gilmore girls. She caught me up on everything that's going on at home. Ellie has soccer practice tonight - her first game is this weekend! Ellie is a little nervous and isn't sure she wants to play in her first game, but Emily and I both know that once the first one is over, her feelings will be different. Or we can only hope she takes after her mom on the field!

I really wish I could fly home for the afternoon, hang out with Emily, pick up Ellie from school, order dinner from LaRosa's, and then take pictures of her soccer practice. She gets her uniform tonight!!! How exciting!!! I hope she has stylish colors :) That is the most important part of sports, right?

The rest of my day...
After teaching my kids about London, Edinburgh, and Paris (architecture, shape, and lines), I have Irish Dancing with the girls. It is our last practice before the big competition this weekend! I am finally over my feelings of "I have to place 1st" - now I am feeling "I must relax and have a fun weekend with everyone." That is a much better feeling - Slowing down, enjoying things around me on my ONLY day off!

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