Little Milan

This morning after my walk, I noticed Milan was very ill. I wrapped her in a towel and laid her on my bed while I called Firehouse and Elizabeth. She was just a little rag doll... very weak... We took her to our trustworthy vet at Firehouse and he informed us her condition was critical and her temperature was very low. We had to take her to an emergency hospital that specializes in small animals. I got to hold her and pet her on the way to the hospital. I think she felt comfortable.

Sadly, Milan did not make it, despite the warm fluids, incubator, medicine, and pain killers. They said it could have been caused by an abscessed molar, in turn causing her organs to fail. The vet informed us that rabbits will hide their illness so it is sometimes difficult to tell if they are sick.

Elizabeth and Keith drove down to help me, then Joseph arrived shortly after. At least we were all there when she was very sick. It was kind of sudden and without warning.

After talking to mom today she made me realize that she had such a great little life at our house. She had the best food and treats, the best rabbit friend,Rupert, loads of hugs and kisses, an annoying owner always bugger her for cute photographs, an entire room to play in (complete with other stuffed animal rabbits from Anthropologie), and the best medical care. We are very sad, but it is great to know we gave her such a loving home :)

Thank you so much everyone for being there with us and consoling us over the phone. Milan is going up at the Cabin, where I think she will be happy there :) We will miss you!

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  1. I'm so sorry your dear Milan is no longer hopping around your home, but she'll always be doing binkies in your heart!
    Many hugs,
    Elle (and nose nudges from Honey and Huddy)