Thankful for Thursday

Finally! I night off! Free time! Although I have dance tonight, I actually get to sit for a moment and blog, relax... ah...

I'm munching on Joseph's take on vegetarian Midwestern Red Chili - Yum! You wouldn't know it is full of veg, and it has just the right touches of spice here and there. An excellent dinner that gets better each day. I love Mom's chili with spaghetti that goes without saying! Skyline is in a different category altogether... and out here in the West, my favorite spot to get a hot bowl of Midwestern chili is at the Cricket (Cherry Cricket in Cherry Creek) - a perfect Fall hangout.

This Thursday I am very thankful for a few things.
  1. Oyster Crackers
  2. Tillamook Cheddar Cheese (extra sharp or smoked)
  3. Microplane Cheese Grater
  4. Being from the Midwest
  5. (family and friends, of course!)

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