Be Gentle with Me

I am a sucker for songs with glockenspiels! I used to play the glockenspiel in high school and I have to admit I loved it! My ex-boyfriend even taught me the more complicated method of playing with two mallets on the marimba - I think it is a brilliant talent to have in my repertoire. ;)

Now if I could only play the accordion...

Today is a gentle day for me - I only have to teach the little ones, and it is the last day of my rotation, therefore we are finishing up projects, doing some Scottish dancing, and making bookmarks. I think that sounds like fun!

Tonight I'm looking forward to a nice rest. Someone offered to cover my 4 hour shift at J.Crew so I could enjoy a proper dinner with Joseph. This time off allows me to run errands without stressing out, read our new Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall books (The River Cottage Family Cookbook and The River Cottage Cookbook) and tuck into housework that is a little overdue... Yikes!

What are you doing on this fine Tuesday? The sun is shining here, but it is chilly - hello Fall weather! I think it is here to stay!

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