Celebrating Autumn

Wouldn't these be the cutest thing on a little girl's backpack or jumper for picture day? What would Ellie wear? Hmm... she would probably choose the squirrel, then proceed to tell us everything about squirrel life and habitation! She most likely would include a cycle book about how the squirrel finds the acorn, hides the acorn, then eats the acorn. She is super smart and adorable! I miss her already! Emily - does Ellie get her school photographs soon? Mine should be here any day - I'm going to swap Ellie :) I think she'd love that!

"Here is my school photo! To Pammy AKA, Fool"
A quote from Ellie in regards to Pammy, while looking at our (Maggie, Molly, Kari, Emily, Amy, Andy, Laura, Cody, and my) elementary school photos.

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