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Maybe I should post this in my room, for the children. I think the high school I formerly worked for could use a poster or two on their walls. I heard that the new art teacher is finding things more difficult than I did - which is not a positive outlook on the sustainability of the art program at that school.

Now that I'm finally settled in my new elementary school, I'm starting to collect ideas from young art teachers like this one, Mrs. Brown, in Massachusetts. She looks like the full-time art teacher, just from the look of her room and abundant supplies. My supplies look more like this:
I've already begun to adapt my room and introduce fun things to the students. I'm slowly collecting items, despite the lack of knowing what my budget is still - the entire school is in the dark due to some strange set-backs with adminstration. It isn't a big deal, but the teachers are a tad bit angry :) Whatever you do, don't make teachers angry! Just kidding Molly and Allie!

My mentor teacher, Ginny, admitted the first few years of her professional career as an art teacher were rough. She also worked part time jobs, long-term sub positions, and other odd ends jobs until she found the perfect one. She reassured me that I need to be patient, and good things will come with time. I'd like to feel more settled, but like Ginny said, be patient...

Tonight I have Irish dancing! We are less than a month away from the second largest competition for Irish Dancers - Oireachtas - better known in English as Nationals! Don't ask me why their website is horrible. They are being held right here in Denver (or else I would not be able to compete long-distance). We are competing in Adult Ceili 8 Hand Cross Reel and our Irish Dance Drama, both on Saturday. My dear friend Emily created this dance drama and she has worked on it every Friday night. I help out when I have time, and I'm a fill-in if something happens. So if anyone gets sick or feels like they can't go on stage I'll dance in their place or maybe dancing the main part... yikes!

This is from 25th World Championship - I like the first one, although I'm exactly sure what the plot was... cross-dressing in hard shoes is always a good laugh.

For the first time in over a month I've actually had enough energy to go to dance without wanting to fall asleep beforehand. J.Crew has cut back my hours just for this week so I can recover from my self-diagnosed laryngitis. That's right - Stacey, who follows in her father's footsteps - the daughter of Bill who has the gift of gab - lost her voice Saturday and Sunday!!! Everyday I've lost my voice towards the end of my last class. I've been slowly recovering ever since, but anyone you ask will say I've sounded like a 60 year-old smoker. So if I haven't talk to you lately, I'll be in touch soon, hopefully.

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