It's Hard for me to Leave Those Feelings Behind

Coming down from a long day... A quaint little ditty by Noah & the Whale, The First Days of Spring (all their videos are charming) - enjoy!

I hope those goggles look familiar, dad! They look just like yours!

I'm not sure what's on tap for tonight. There is a Halloween Ceili, a Halloween Party, and maybe, but doubtful, a birthday party for a friend. Unfortunately, I am unsure if I will attend any of these. I'm unmotivated and really tired! However, seeing as tomorrow is our ONLY day off together, Joseph and I are headed to an awesome pumpkin patch. We are having an Autumnal Sunday, full of Fall goodies like pumpkin pie, apple cider, carving, baking, and so much more!!! Looking forward to it Joseph!

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