Don't you wish your toast wouldn't look at you this way in the morning?

Moody Toast via Wonderthunder (Etsy)

Now that I am thinking of moods - I've been somewhere between glass half full/empty this week. I'm working a lot, which makes Stacey tired... and when I'm tired I'm either really happy-go-lucky, or emotional. I think my emotions are definitely catching up with me, especially since I've been reflecting a lot on life and death, family, friends, and the future. Don't get me wrong, I am of course the chipper Stace that everyone knows... just some days when I get home, slow down, and tackle those tough thoughts... you know the feeling.

I've had a cover of Super Trouper by Camera Obscura stuck in my head (original by ABBA) which seems to make me feel pretty mellow at work. I'm a big believer that songs can get you through life's tough stuff, or make you feel like your the happiest person in the world. It reminds me of all those cheesy movies about music and the monumental things that can happy in a person's life based on a powerful ballad. But hey, why not!!! I like Almost Famous and High Fedlity! Music is inspirational! Just ask my father, or Patrick, or any of my cool high school (ex)students!

I can't find an original video, but here is a pretty good one taken from a live performance.

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