Rock Creek Farm Pumpkin Patch

This morning we woke up bright and early for our day of Autumn activities!
Despite the snow, Joseph and I drove out to Rock Creek Farm, near Boulder, to cut our pumpkins. You can see we had a lot of fun, cutting pumpkins from the vine, nearly freezing to death. After our drive around Boulder we headed home for Joseph's homemade vegetarian chili and cornbread (we aren't vegetarians, we just love this kind of chili). Then I made pumpkin cupcakes (Bon Appetit recipe), after messing up the first batch, of course. They smell pretty amazing - now all they need is a generous sprinkling of Graeter's chocolate jimmies, yum!

Early in the morning - and snowing!!! Note the wool mittens...

Rock Creek Farm (organic farm)

Our pumpkin saw

Our pumpkin!

I cut it with this little thing, really?

This is currently my new wallpaper for my iPhone

We also have one of these greyish greenish beauties

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