Snow Day!

That's right! The first snow day of 2009-2010 school year! What have I done today? I'm still in my pajamas drinking Nutcracker Tea and watching Elf if that gives you any clue.

Ahh, classic English charm on a London Snow Day

Bree, does this look familiar?
Russian Snow Globe


  1. The Kremlin! Suuuch a beautiful place actually! And bizarre. Check out the star on the top of the spire/clock tower at right. It's lit up with red lights at night. Sooo cool. There are green lights also on the lower part of the tower.

    Unfortunately, the massive creepy black marble monument to Lenin--his body is actually preserved in there! i saw him, while being watched by 4 Russian soldier with machine guns--is just beyond the picture frame to the right (or maybe it wasn't built yet?). Anyway, also very interesting!

  2. Great images! In the first picture - I love how happy those two are throwing snowballs at the camera.