I've joined the ranks of women who've changed their natural hair
color! I've always been one to keep it simple, but I kind of like my
new red hair. I used a photo of Bonnie Wright as my inspiration, and
although her hair looks natural, I think this is a close as I can get
without going overboard. My new hairdresser is a friend and fellow
J.Crewzer who does amazing things with hair. Almost everyone at our
store gets their hair done by her and they all look brilliant! She
said in natural light my hair will look different, so I'm anxious to
see the results via daylight!!! I'm hoping this new red hair will
channel my inner Irish dancer - who I've named Orla. ;) which means
"golden queen/princess" even though I've passed down my title to
Ellie, I think it still stands true!

Famous Orlas in the world:

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