A Simple Tune

I just realized how much I love singing. Since working at J.Crew I have found myself singing uncontrollably to the surprisingly good playlist. I blame this on father, his love for music and singing, Apple for singing to him, and the Beatles. My childhood memories include listening to amazing 60's LPs, making little colorful walls with the album covers, falling asleep to father signing "Her Majesty" (and countless, seriously countless other songs), and waking up to Little Lulu "always in and out of trouble, but mostly always in".

On our adventures throughout the many hidden treasures of Cincinnati we would drive and he would sing. I would listen and learn. I don't think it was until much later that I appreciated those things. I might not have the voice that father has, but I do love a nice little tune. Still to this day I can't really hear Paul McCartney's voice in "I Love Her", I hear father's.

One of my ex-students, now in college, shared with me how envious he is that I was able to grow up with this amazing genre of music (from the 60's). And I have to admit, yeah, I'm pretty lucky to have cool hippie parents who let me listen to their music - a part of their world. Throughout their continuous parenting, they have certainly taught me a lot, but I'll save that for another post...

Enjoy some classic Beatles, my favorites from euphoric childhood memories.

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