To the Pointe; Angel Corella

My new obsession in the world of ballet is Angel Corella (link to video about A.C.) of the American Ballet Theater.

I watched Great Performances Swan Lake last night to conclude my weekend of dance-inspired events and to get geared up to see the Moscow Ballet Dec. 4. I'm slowly going through the collection of Angel Corella videos, including the romantic and tragic Romeo & Juliet seen above.

I'm not sure if my love for ballet comes from the costumes, the movement, the energy, the sensuality, or envy of dancers who reach such perfection and strength. Maybe this aspect alone has inspired me for my next chapter in dance. I've started my training for dancing - day 2. I'm so inspired that it has brought me to act of running. If you know me at all then you know that I detest running. With that said, watching ballet and the Irish dancers this weekend has stirred a desire to "want to be more, want to do more."

In another life I would adore being a ballet dancer. I'll save those thoughts for my dreams.

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