What Dreams May Come

Today I'm missing Apple...

Since September I've dreamt of seeing Apple (our grandma) numerous times. Last night I had yet another dream of seeing her with the family. In one part of my dream the entire family was across the street from Apple's house, enjoying an afternoon picnic in the sun. My imagination created this amazing little stream that the children raced boats on, little tents filled with lemon ice and sweets, airplanes flew around us, and we sat on vivid green grass. It was very relaxed and everyone was happy. Other dreams she has shown up in a grocery store with a big list of items being checked off one by one with a pencil. She doesn't talk to me, just keeps drawing lines on her paper, leaning on her cart, smiling and humming.

Another dream was around the holidays, with snow fluttering outside, Christmas lights, and family members taking pictures (I'm not the only one taking photos in a dream world)! The family was gathered to watch a Christmas performance of Ellie's school play! Although the dreams were very happy and I woke up feeling a sense of love and euphoria, it made me sad that I couldn't talk to Apple in my dream. We used to have conversations in my moments of slumber, but since September that has been silenced. I'm not sad that she isn't on my speed dial, she won't be there on holidays, or that she won't send cards in the mail anymore, but it is difficult to let go of those nice little conversations we had. I know everyone feels the same :)

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