What's in the Kitchen?

Aren't these charming? I appreciate their simplicity!
Czechoslovakian and Polish Labels

Last night after work I picked up the long-awaited DVD release of Two Fat Ladies, one of the first cooking shows I remember watching with mom and dad, before I thought cooking shows were cool. I'm on season 2 already, and I have to say the Two Fat Ladies, Clarissa and Jennifer are charming and so brilliant. What great personalities! And what great food!

A tasty blend of cookery and hilarity, Two Fat Ladies was a hit on British and American television in the 1990s. Jennifer Paterson and Clarissa Dickson Wright traveled around Britain on a motorbike with sidecar, preparing sumptuous feasts for all kinds of folks from lumberjacks to monks. Their recipes were never pretentious and always full of big old-fashioned flavor. Set includes all 24 episodes; approx. 12 hours 11 min. on 4 DVDs. As Jennifer would say, Quelle treat! Seen on public television. Available at http://www.acornonline.com !

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