Christmas Cookies Bon Appetit

Tomorrow morning I am baking cookies for the girls (and guy) at work, Ginny, Jane, Carol, Karen, Liz, The Mary's, and Mr. Lee for all their help and support at my new school! They are the best team anyone could ask for! Ginny, my mentor teacher, has especially been amazing and almost like my "aunt away from home" here in Colorado. She reminds me so much of Kathy! I wrapped a special little necklace that she can wear and I think the kids will think it is beautiful!

But this brings me to the question of what Christmas cookie should I make?

I need something simple, but delicious that's easy to pack up. I'm looking through Bon Appetit's Cookie Workshop in order to get a few ideas.

What are you favorite holiday cookies?

Joseph and I traditionally make gingerbread cookies every Christmas Eve, and I think this Bon Appetit New England Molasses Gingerbread recipe will fit the bill. I also saw in my Martha Stewart Magazine a cute little gingerbread house that I think Joseph and I will have to recreate!

Thank you Jude for a wonderful year of MS Magazines! We've enjoyed them so much!

Speaking of Martha Stewart...
You can watch Carson Kressley attempt to make a gingerbread house with Martha on her website. Mom and I love Carson!

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