A Partridge in a Pear Tree

When I arrive to work early I enjoy perusing through Pottery Barn's menagerie of sparkle, snowflakes, and evergreen. I can't help but get into the spirit when I'm surrounded by perfectly constructed Christmas trees and fake living room sets that I could only dream of having. Kind of like Maggie's house! It is just like PB! This season, PB has particularly cute stocking stuffers that makes it difficult to resist!

Sunday we have the day off so we can treck into the mountains to cut down our tree, decorate while listening to dapper holiday music (like Dolly & Kenny, Charlie Brown, and dad's new CD of classics), string popcorn, wear plaid (just kidding), watch holiday movies like Home Alone and Elf all the while drinking hot chocolate and eating cookies! Well, this may be a tall order, but if I dream it - it will happen! I want to do all the classically cheesy things people do on the holidays because it always looks like fun! And besides - why not?

Today is the start of a busy end of the week for me. Although for some reason all I could manage to do this morning so far is eat oatmeal, drink tea, empty the dishwasher, watch Indiana Jones, go through our holiday box from mom and dad (THANK YOU!!!), brush my teeth, and update my blog. Motivation when it is colder than 20* F is a rough one. I honestly do not want to move away from my duvet and space heater with the rabbit keeping my lap warm! Thanks Rupert!

I have my first practice tonight as a 20 & O at 6:15, after a mandatory meeting for my license from 4-6. Busy afternoon driving ALL OVER TOWN. Tomorrow I have to pick up items from the library (like the new Fantastic Mr. Fox soundtrack), create a White Elephant gift and buy wine for our elementary staff party, then drive back down to Denver for our family outing to the Nutcracker! The Parade of Lights is also going on that evening, so it might be difficult to maneuver around the city. Saturday Joseph and I have important plans to watch football (Go Bearcats! *see below) and Sunday is of course our holiday extravaganza! I hope that Kari has a very enjoyable last few days here in the Nati! Have a very Merry Cincy-style Christmas celebration with the family this week!

Date:Dec. 5, 2009
Location:Pittsburgh, Pa.
Time:12:00 p.m. ET

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