Cincy Adventure Cont. Skyline and BonBonerie

We visited Maggie and Jude today after our Sklyine lunch and she seems to be doing very well. I have never seen a more beautiful mother to be! She looked great, calm, and under control. Everyone is really excited so I'll update you on what is going on.

We went to BonBonerie for Opera Cream coffee and sweets, and if that wasn't enough, we had to stop at Haute Chocolate to buy even more sweets! I really enjoyed hanging out with mom and dad at BonBonerie - it is so cute seeing all the little Catholic school kids in their uniforms chomping down on Opera Cream cupcakes and orange sodas after school! When we stopped by Haute Chocolate Lisa was there making Easter candies so we had to buy things for Maggie and Rob, Joseph, and of course my favorite raspberries. Her son lives in Colorado with his growing family, so we talked about the big snow storm moving through the area! We even heard it on the local news in Cincinnati!

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