Cincy Friends!

The dance is over for Xavier, as they say. Last night my bracket went from pretty awesome to horrible in just a few hours. At least I still have UConn
I did have a great time with all my Cincy friends, Steve, Justin, Megan, Braden, and Ashley. Everyone seems to be very happy and enjoying life around them. Joseph and I are trying to get them out to the high country - maybe this will be the year! I love Ashley - she is like my long long lost sister! She hasn't watched Twilight yet, but I have a feeling she will soon then she will love Edward like Emily, Amy, Laura, and I!

Funny thing about Cincinnati - the guys were telling me that the old breweries are trying to make a come back in the downtown area. I noticed the lack of knowledge about local brews, specifically from those who work in bars/restaurants and even the liquor/wine/beer department at Jungle Jim's. I asked for a local brew (meaning Cincinnati) and they showed me Leinenkugel! Yikes! At Habits the barkeep seemed to show the same knowledge when I asked for their local brew on tap (there was none) so I opted for the Moerlein Emancipator. It wasn't all that bad! My taste is not as sophisticated as Joseph's but I drank it down happily :)

THANKS STEVE, JUSTIN, MEGAN, BRADEN, & ASHLEY for the fun night! Can't wait to see you on Saturday night!

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