My Typewriter; Woodstock

Can I please have one of each typewriter from My Typewriter?
The typewriter has come a long way... The only reason I stumbled upon this little gem of a website is I found the mint condition Woodstock No.5 typwriter (top) in Keith's (Joseph's father) office! It is so shiny and pretty and the keys feel so good to type on. It is the experience of typing and creating that make old typewriters worth the hard work.

My grandmother left us a portable blue typewriter with a modest 40's style cursive. I'll have to see what the make is when I return home for Spring break.

My Typewriter sells everything from jewelry, ribbons, to user manuals! Keith's favorite is the IBM Selectric which "thousands of similar ones are still in operation in government offices, schools, banks, and many other businesses to this day."

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